Early and Absentee Voting Options

Early and In Person Voting

  • Vote in person - Vote an early or absentee in person ballot beginning 15 days before Election Day at an absentee voting location.

Special Needs Voting

  • Vote by personal representative - Unable to vote in person due to age, serious illness or disability? Have a personal representative pick up a ballot for you beginning 15 days before Election Day.

By-Mail Voting

    Currently, no federal or statewide elections are scheduled to be held in 2021. If you reside in an area where a Regional Educational Attendance Election will be taking place (school board elections in unorganized boroughs of Alaska) you may now apply for an absentee ballot for this election:

  • Apply Now!- Use our paperless Online Absentee Ballot Application. You must have a valid Alaska Driver’s License or State ID to use this option.

  • By completing the Absentee Ballot Application.

Electronic Transmission Voting

Absentee Voting By-Mail FAQ

  • How do I apply?
    Apply using a fillable paper application: Click Here

  • Can I apply for a ballot on behalf of another person?
    No. You cannot apply for an absentee ballot on someone else’s behalf unless you have a valid power of attorney which authorizes you to apply on behalf of the voter.

  • What happens if I request an absentee by-mail ballot but decide to vote early or in-person on Election Day instead?
    You should destroy and dispose of your absentee ballot if you choose to vote in-person. We encourage voters to make a voting plan in advance to lower the likelihood of confusion and better prepare for their chosen method of voting.

  • What if I don’t have a computer?
    Contact the Division of Elections at 907-270-2700 or toll free 877-375-6508 (within the U.S.).

  • How do I find my party affiliation?
    Check the status of your voter registration: Click Here
    You may also contact your Regional Elections Office or the Absentee and Petition Office.

  • Do I have to apply separately for each election?
    No, you can select “All in Calendar Year” to receive ballots for all eligible elections.

  • What if I need to change my ballot mailing address after I have already submitted my application?
    Contact the Absentee and Petition Office at 907-270-2700, toll free 1-877-375-6508 (within in the U.S.).
    Or, email akabsentee@alaska.gov

  • What does this mean: “Keep my residence address confidential. Mailing address in 6 MUST be different than residence in section 5.” And, do I have to provide a different mailing address in Section 6?
    Some voters choose to keep their residence address confidential. In order to do this, they must have a different residence address.
    If you do not select to keep your residence address confidential, there is no reason to complete Section 6 if your physical address and permanent mailing address are the same.

  • What if I want to cancel my request for a by-mail ballot?
    Contact the Absentee and Petition Office at 907-270-2700, toll free 1-877-375-6508 (within in the U.S.).
    Or, email akabsentee@alaska.gov

  • How do I know if my ballot has been mailed?
    Check the status of your absentee by-mail application and ballot: Click Here
    Contact the Absentee and Petition Office at 907-270-2700, toll free 1-877-375-6508 (within in the U.S.) .
    Or, email akabsentee@alaska.gov

  • Can I drop off my voted absentee by-mail ballot?
    Yes, voted ballots can be delivered to any Division of Elections office or any voting location.

  • What is the deadline to return my ballot by mail?
    Ballots must be postmarked on or before Election Day. Primary election ballots must be received by the division no later than 10 days after Election Day. General election and REAA election ballots must be received 10 days after Election Day when mailed from within the U.S. and from U.S. territories of Puerto Rico, Guam, The Virgin Islands and American Samoa. Ballots mailed from outside the U.S. must be received 15 days after Election Day. The Division encourages voters to send their voted ballot back As Soon As Possible to ensure your ballot is received on time.

  • I have received multiple absentee ballot applications, do I have to complete them all?
    No, one application is all that is required.

  • Do I have to complete an absentee by-mail application that was sent to me?
    No, you only need to complete the application if you want to receive a ballot in the mail.

  • What if I don’t want to vote by-mail?
    You have several in-person voting options available. You may vote early at and Early Voting location or an Absentee Voting location.
    You may also vote in-person at your polling place on Election Day. Polling place information:
    List of Polling Places
    My Voter Information
    Or, you can call 1-888-383-8683 or 907-269-8683 (within the Municipality of Anchorage) to find your polling place.

  • If I have a Power of Attorney (POA) can I sign the ballot envelope for the voter?
    No. The voter must sign or make a mark. You can serve as the witness to the voter’s signature or mark.