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Do you need to register to vote in Alaska and would like to vote in federal and state elections?

When completing either application, be sure to provide your Alaska residence address. You may maintain your Alaska residence address as it currently appears on your voting record. If you provide a new address, it must be within Alaska.

The deadline to receive your absentee by-mail application to register to vote and simultaneously request a by-mail ballot is 30 days prior to Election Day.

  • Visit our By-Mail Voting web page to obtain information about by-mail voting and to complete and submit an absentee by-mail application that allows you to register to vote while simultaneously requesting a by-mail ballot.
  • For Presidential elections, if you missed the 30 day deadline and you wish to initially register to vote and participate in ONLY the Presidential race and vote by-fax, visit our By-Fax Voting web page for information.

When initially registering to vote outside Alaska, you will need to provide proof of your Alaska residency such as a current copy of either your Alaska driver's license, hunting and fishing license, leave and earning statement reflecting Alaska as place of residency, proof of employment in Alaska or student loan documents reflecting Alaska as place of residence.

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