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Alaska's Vote Counting Systems

How does Alaska count ballots at the precincts?

Alaska uses three different methods to count ballots at the precinct level:

  • optical scan;

  • touch screen with a voter verifiable paper audit trail; and

  • hand count

Each precinct receives paper ballots that are either hand counted when the polls close or counted using an optical scan unit as the voter inserts the ballot into the optical scan. In addition, during federal elections, each precinct has a touch screen voting unit that is intended for use by voters who are blind, disabled or have reading difficulties.

Learn more about Alaska's counting system and to view how ballots are counted at each precinct.

How does Alaska count absentee and questioned ballots?

For federal and state elections, early vote, absentee and questioned ballots are counted using the optical scan voting system. This is performed at the regional office by a bi-partisan board.

During Regional Educational Attendance Area and Special Local Elections conducted by the State of Alaska, absentee and questioned ballots will either be hand counted or counted using the optical scan system depending upon the size of the election.


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