Registrars are qualified voters authorized by the Division of Elections to assist with the completion and verification of an applicant's identity and the submission of voter registration forms to the Division of Elections. This is not a paid position.

In rural communities, Alaska needs people who, in addition to English, are fluent in the local Alaska Native languages to provide language assistance during the registration process.

  • Registrars are authorized to witness the application; making it effective the day it was signed instead of the date the Division receives it. This can be extremely crucial close to or on voter registration cutoff deadlines.

  • A registrar serves at the pleasure of the Director and will be periodically evaluated based upon the completeness of the registration forms, timely filing of the registration forms and voter registration activity.

  • Registrars must send completed voter registration forms to the election supervisor within five days of the voter completing the voter registration application.

  • Registrars must take an oath to honestly, faithfully and promptly perform the duties of the office.

  • Being a registrar is simple. The Division of Elections provides you with all the materials you need, including postage-paid return envelopes to send in completed voter registration applications.

If you are interested in becoming a registrar, please contact the Division of Elections regional office in your area.

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