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November 8, 2016 - General Election
Election Absentee and Questioned Ballots Numbers
Final - 12/1/2016

Ballot Type Number Of Ballots Issued Number of Ballots Voted and Returned
By Mail 30759 27442
By Fax 284 255
Online Delivery 9707 8411
*Early Vote 39242 39242
*In-Person 27162 27162
*Special Needs 905 905
**Questioned 19822 19822
Total 127881 123239
Note: The "Number of Ballots Issued" column for By-Mail, Fax and Online will change through the election process. Ballot are returned as undeliverable, voters request the ballot be cancelled and voters may vote in a different manner.
*Numbers will not be posted until after Absentee In-Person and Early Voting starts on October 24.
**Questiond ballot are voted on Election Day and therefore numbers will not be posted until after Election Day.

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