Official Election Pamphlets – General Election

The Official Election Pamphlet (OEP) is prepared to assist Alaska voters in making informed choices prior to Election Day. An OEP is sent to each registered voter's household and is also available online. In addition, the Talking Book Center makes the OEP available in an audio version. The Talking Book Center can be contacted at (907) 465-1315 or toll-free (in-state only) at 888-820-4525, by email at or you may visit their website at for additional information.

The OEP contains some of the following information:

  • how to vote, voting locations, absentee voting and voter rights;

  • biographical statements prepared by candidates who elected to participate in the OEP. The text of the biographical statements is provided and paid for by the candidate in accordance with AS 15.58.030 and 6 AAC 25.690. The views expressed in the biographical statements are from the candidate and not endorsed by the Division of Elections; and

  • ballot measures appearing on the ballot.

The OEP is divided into four booklets based upon regional jurisdictions. Determine the appropriate regional booklet to view and select the OEP PDF below.

Official Election Pamphlet Audio

Prior Official Election Pamphlets

    Filipino (Tagalog) - polyeto para sa impormasyon ng botante

    Spanish - Panfleta en español con información para el votante